This Product Warranty of Ali Arc Industries LP, (hereinafter called “Ali Arc”) extends only to the original retail purchaser (hereinafter called the “Customer”) when a new and unused product manufactured by Ali Arc (hereinafter called the “Product”) is purchased at retail from an authorized reseller. This Product Warranty is not transferable to any subsequent owner of a Product or of a vehicle upon which a Product is installed. This Product Warranty is not valid if the Product is removed from the original vehicle or otherwise tampered with or modified other than by an authorized reseller.


Under this Product Warranty, Products that have been properly installed and are found to have a defect in workmanship, during a period of twelve (12) months immediately after the date of purchase of the Product by the Customer, will be repaired or replaced by Ali Arc in its sole discretion.  This Product Warranty does not extend to defects in the material of which the Product is made.  At the option of Ali Arc, Ali Arc may fully satisfy all of its obligations under this Product Warranty by payment to the Customer of the amount of the original purchase price of the Product.


Because of the differing requirements of various jurisdictions, Ali Arc makes no representation or warranty whatsoever that products comply with the laws of the jurisdiction where the Customer purchased or is using the Product and the Customer shall have the sole responsibility to ascertain whether the Product or its installation comply with such laws.


Some vehicles are equipped with special crash features and/or air bags.  The installation of a Product could alter the crush rate of the vehicle and the operational characteristics of an air bag.  Ali Arc shall have no responsibility arising from any such alteration of crush rates or operational characteristics.


This Product Warranty excludes and does not extend to any defect due to the negligence of others, incorrect or improper installation, unreasonable use, accident, alteration or ordinary wear and tear.  This Product Warranty is in replacement of and substitution for any implied or statutory warranties whatsoever, all of which implied or statutory warranties, including, but not limited to any warranties (1) of fitness for any particular purpose, (2) of quality or merchantability of the Product, and (3) under any consumer protection legislation, all of which are excluded and negated.  Ali Arc is not liable for any consequential damages arising from purchase, installation or use of the Product, or obligations or liability to third parties, and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, shall not be responsible for loss of use of the Product or the vehicle upon which it is installed, loss of time, loss of revenue, replacement expenses (including rental costs), inconvenience or other incidental damages with respect to business or property, or for personal injury, death, property damage or loss due to any cause whatsoever, including, without limitation, breach of warranty, negligence or otherwise.


  1. The Customer wishing to make a warranty claim under this Product Warranty will ship the Product prepaid and insured to Ali Arc at the Customer’s sole expense together with proof of date of purchase of the Product and a statement of the defect in workmanship.
  2. The address of Ali Arc for such shipment is 155 Elan Boulevard, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2J 4H1.
  3. Ali Arc may, if it finds the warranty claim to be well founded, ship the repaired Product or a replacement Product to the Customer or to the authorized reseller who the Product was originally purchased from.