How much does the bar weigh?

Our truck bars vary in weight between 250 lbs and 370 lbs depending on the model.

Is the unit all one piece?

Our Ali Arc truck bars are made up of three separate components, the steel tow section, the aluminum bumper bar, and the steel tow pin.

How does the Ali Arc protection Bar mount to the vehicle?

Once the original bumper is removed, the steel tow section is mounted to the vehicle chassis using the original bumper bolts; the bumper bar fastens to the steel tow section.

Does it interfere with opening the hood?

No, it does not. Our protection bar is designed to tilt forward when entry into the engine compartment is required. This process only takes seconds.

Is an aluminum bar strong enough to protect from wildlife collisions?

Our bumpers will protect you and your truck from wildlife. While strength provides rigidity, our product’s effectiveness is achieved by engineering the proper absorption and disbursement of energy.

Why do you use aluminum?

Aluminum is an ideal metal for this application. It allows us to build a strong product and keep the weight to a minimum. Aluminum is also elastic, which means that under extreme strain, such as striking an animal at high speed, it tends to absorb the shock and bend as opposed to breaking. The result is a crush zone in front of your truck, protecting the vital engine components housed inches away.

How can an aluminum bar work so well?

There are three major factors, which make our protection bar so effective; patent pending designs, highest quality materials, and quality workmanship.

  1. The design provides maximum rigidity and disbursement of energy to the strongest points of the bar and vehicle chassis.
  2. The aluminum is of the best quality, extruded of the highest tensile solely for our purposes.
  3. Our tradesmen are trained to be craftsmen of the highest standard.

What about quality control?

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, and totally committed to the quality process.

Is the bar repairable?

Yes. The natural qualities of aluminum allow for repairs.

Does the bar come with a warranty?

Yes, all our products are delivered with a limited one year warranty against workmanship.

What do I do to maintain the bars original shine?

There is a wide range of metal polishes stocked by automotive supply and department stores, that when used will assist to restore the bar to its original shine. Avoiding acid washes also helps.

Will you do any customization to suit my needs?

Certainly, however, we caution any alteration, which might compromise the overall effectiveness of the product. We routinely add light brackets and light cutouts.

What about towing?

No Problem. There is a steel tow pin incorporated right into the tow section.

What is the delivery time of the product?

The delivery time is usually 1 week after the time of order if the item is in

Why can’t I enlarge the photos on my computer?

This could be caused by the browser that you are using. We will be happy to email you any picture that you want.